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Ilior is a flexible shared housing concept.

At Ilior, we provide clusters of amazing plug-and-play spaces. In each cluster, you will find a number of differently sized private studios, grouped around sophisticated and beautifully designed common/shared areas. All spaces are fully equipped with custom made furniture, state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Spaces can be adapted to your own specific needs and preferences. All for a fixed monthly price, including everything: rent, utilities, ultra fast internet access, fully equipped kitchens, bed linen, towels, etc., and with no long term commitment. Including a community of people like yourself.

Welcome to Ilior.

The land of the dreamers.


About Ilior.

Spaces for GenZ users.

lior was created in 2018 by Daniel Lyssy with the aim of creating exceptional spaces made especially for the changing preferences of GenZ users. Our clusters of spaces are homes of young and creative professionals who work from home and for digital nomads. They provide a new and fresh approach to space sharing. You will feel at home from the first moment you enter the space. You will have your own and private 4 walls. You will share amazing common spaces, selfmanaged by the cluster's community. No need to deal with utility bills, purchase of furniture and stuff you need but don’t want to own. Stay flexible and move around as a member of the constantly expanding Ilior community.

The offering

Contrary to sharing a basic small apartment with one to two roommates, our spaces are larger co-living clusters with 6 or more private studios. Common spaces include a large kitchen with a huge dining area, a cosy lounge area to relax and chill, as well as a co-working space that can also be used for events and shared activities. Each private residence has its own bathroom. Whatever you need - it's already there, up and running. Just enjoy life! All spaces are newly built or renovated and professionally maintained.

The design concept

Ilior honours architectural and aesthetic values of the past. We re-shape high quality spaces by creating fluid and sophisticated common spaces we call spine or core and by introducing modern infrastructure and design. We aim to continue the craftsmanship found and re-use old but valued materials, combined with modular, custom-built furniture. Sustainability, energy efficiency and low maintenance infrastructures are some of our most important guidelines when we design contemporary urban environments.

The Ilior community

Living @Ilior you will become a member of the Ilior community and enjoy free access to Ilior’s public spaces, activities and events organised by Ilior. You can become a member of the Ilior community even if you don’t live permanently in an Ilior space and enjoy the benefits of a growing international shared housing and working community!

Our vision

We believe in membership instead of ownership - in the future we will offer different spaces for different kinds of people in different stages of life (families, 3rd age, etc.). You will be able to move around different spaces and always be part of a community. We will tie alliances with similar initiatives in the city and beyond, organise and support social activities and setup Ilior public spaces made for the benefit of Ilior’s members as well as for the local community.

Ilior for property owners

As a highly professional and truly unique management company, we are happy to share our vision for future-oriented spaces with other owners. If you own a residential, commercial or office space of at least 300m2 and would like to convert it to a cluster of spaces like ours, please talk to us! We can provide you with all the necessary knowhow, analyse the feasibility, plan and budget your project and later manage it as property managers at highly competitive rates. Sharing is Caring!

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